chinese peanuts

chinese peanuts

Peanut is one of the best exports product in its field and it has good and high quality. This product is among the best and most nutritious nuts in the world. The major buyers of nuts in the country are always looking for affordable types of peanuts.

Peanut prices have fluctuated this year for some reason, but the supply of this product is not a problem in Iran country.

Peanut Buyers

Peanut buyers in the country can be divided into two main categories of retail and major customers.

Retailers and grocery store owners are the most important peanut customers and consumers. It should be noted that peanuts are bought in different cities of the country at different prices. Because this delicious nut has many different types and quality.

For example, the price of green and fresh peanuts is different from the price of peanuts without skin. But aside from the type and species of peanuts, how to buy the product is also very important and vital. For example if you buy peanuts from farmers, you will buy less in money. So this way can be much better who purchase peanuts in bulk.

Penuts Exports 


Peanut exports are one of the thriving segments of Iran’s nuts trade market. In general, our country has a very good position in the field of nuts production and then its exports. The exported peanuts are selected from the best varieties and prepared in the most suitable packaging.

The most important countries to buy peanuts by Iran are:

  • Armenia
  • Russia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Ukraine
  • Turkmenistan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kuwait

chinese peanuts

Some of the peanuts produced in Iran are also exported to European countries, too. The high export of peanuts indicates the quality of the Iranian product as well as the unique properties of this edible nut.

Buying Peanuts

One of the best ways to buy peanuts is to visit reputable and valid merchants selling this product. This causes that you provide the most desirable peanut varieties in bulk. In the peanut trading business, we see a variety of bulk or packaged nuts. Each of these has their own fan.

Some people prefer buying raw and bulk peanuts, but others like flavored almonds. Goods packaging is also important for some people. The same is true for major peanut customers, too.

Providing Chinese Peanuts



You can go to the sales centers for providing different variety of chinese peanuts that are available in all over the country or even you can buy peanuts in online stores, many people and producers are distributing peanuts and producing them in all over the country and Countries are also working to raise their income and reach money in high number and help the economy through the sale of peanuts.

Chinese peanuts are one of the cheapest peanuts in the world. Almonds, like other products in china, which are generally marketed at low prices on the world market, also sell them at a much lower price than other similar products. That is why many people tend to buy and provide it in bulk or packaging. The reason that can be mentioned which this product has a lower price is the industrial production of this agricultural crop which is unfortunately traditionally is cultivated in our country. The price of Chinese peanuts is much more affordable and Iran is one of the country where import Chinese peanuts.

Chinese peanut properties are excellent due to the cultivation mechanism and nature of this country and close to the peanuts of Iran. On the other hand, the finished price of our product is higher, so China and India have taken the peanut market from the domestic producer at present, The Chinese peanuts on the market enter the country from legal and customs sources, which is Because the taste of Chinese peanuts is not so appealing to Iranians, it has been reduced to some extent. Buying Chinese peanuts today is more expensive than in previous years.

chinese peanuts


The difference between Iranian and Chinese peanuts

The biggest difference between Iranian and Chinese peanuts is in its cultivation method. The adoption of mechanized methods reduces production costs and also increases the productivity and quality of the products produced. Pilot planting and harvesting of almond mechanics started this year in Gilan, Astana Ashrafieh province, but this method has been started since some years ago in china.

Since April each year the fields have been prepared for cultivation of almonds and the harvesting of almonds begins in May.


It is important to note that none of these imported products have nutritional value and only are in a good appearance, while the nuts like peanut which is produced in our country, means Iran, may not be as exterior in appearance, but definitely It has a different taste and is by no means comparable to foreign ones in terms of nutritional value.


The largest major distribution center for peanuts

Peanuts exporters are more common in the Middle East, and almonds are imported and exported via the Internet and from countries such as the US, Egypt, India, China and Pakistan. These imports and exports are doing by varying quality.


Some products have to be imported from different countries due to low domestic production and high demand. Some products are in high variety and that is why a lot of people love to taste and buy them in bull and other different ways. For this reason Iran in order to meet these needs have to buy and sell other foreign products like peanuts. Meanwhile, the major sales of Chinese peanuts in bulk are highly valued in Iran.


The price of peanuts is varies depending on the number and size. Some of them are peeled and some are broken, and it certainly has an impact on the price of the product.



Order Chinese Peanuts

Nowadays ordering Chinese peanuts is available and can be purchased in all grocery stores. You can order Chinese peanuts from reputable sites as well. Because buying these kinds of products by online way can save your time more. That is why you can sit at your home and then buy them in bulk or packaging.


The implications of exporting peanuts to Europe

Exports of peanuts to Europe have some important requirements. Here are some of the requirements that are most common and should be noted:

  • Humidity level
  • Size
  • The amount and type of preservatives
  • Quality rating

These Four options are the most important requirements that exported peanuts should have. Of course, when exporting this product, other things are important and somehow if you do not have them, the export of this product will not be accepted and somehow will not receive the confirmation form. These include the following topics:

  • Quality
  • Tag
  • Packaging

chinese peanuts

Export quality peanuts

When Peanuts can act as a magnet that they are in the highest quality and somehow become part of the magnet. High quality makes peanut exports certified and licensed. Also, because the name of the exporting country is listed on the product, poor quality makes it blacklisted.

Exported peanuts should contain the least amount of pollutants in order not to harm the health of consumers, in addition to maintaining their quality.

Export Peanut Tag

The tag can somehow play a peacock’s ID and identity card. The label on this product must bear the name of the product. It should also be included if it has dried naturally or if foods such as sugar have been added.

Peanuts are in various types and are often associated with the skin. For this reason, its full specifications must be written on the label.

The grading of the product should be included, and the writing of the specifications and the year of manufacturing are important and should not be forgotten.

Export peanut packaging

Packaging is another important factor to consider while exporting peanuts. Because it plays a very important role. These roles include below options:

  • Features and product quality are two very important factors that everybody pays attention to them. Therefore, peanuts can be protected by packaging.
  • Contamination is another issue that may occur during export and transportation of exported peanuts. Therefore, proper packaging must be done to avoid any problems such as contamination.
  • Export packages must also be properly packaged in a right way in order to maintain their odor and taste to attract European countries.
  • A separate product for peanut packing cannot be considered, but cardboard boxes covered with plastic liners are one of the most common packaging methods. Also because of the different types of peanuts, there are differences in how they are packaged. For example, for those peanuts that have special skin in that same carton box with plastic liners should be packed and shipped, and for those without skin, odor or hemp plastic bags are the best option.

If exporters be great in mentioned notes, they can be successful gradually.

chinese peanuts

The rules that peanut exporters to Europe must consider them

Peanuts must be completely safe in terms of health because they are in the middle of food. Certificate of Export Food Safety is a common requirement that the EU must obtain approval for it. The most common type of certificate that can be obtained with regarding to food safety is BRC / FSSC22000 / IFS.

The certification of organic food and environmental protection has also gained widespread popularity in European countries. That’s why IFOAM is usually used for this certificate.

The two laws mentioned are among the most important to consider when exporting peanuts to Europe. If we follow the above rules we can achieve high cooperation in exporting this product with European countries.


How to export peanuts to Europe

With the expansion of high quality peanut production in Iran, its exports also increased and somehow followed an upward trend. As Iran currently supplies forty percent of the peanuts of European countries, especially Norway, Finland and Sweden, the rate is constantly increasing. Iran has achieved high growth in export of this product in 2018 and exported thousands of it to European countries with high quality.


Things That You Have Know As a buyer

The major peanut resellers in the country often have to provide some specialists in order to guide buyers, and introduce varieties of peanuts, so that the buyer can only supply the goods he needs at the time of purchase. It can be a good ideal to have information about the production of this peanut.

  • Soil: To produce this product must be sandy.


  • Temperature: It should be high temperature for production and planted in warm weather.


  • Irrigation: Of course, the soil should be constantly moist, not wet.


  • Light: Must be appropriate.


  • Fertilizer: For the production of this plant it needs a complete phosphate fertilizer to be used.


If you are trying to plant in a large place, it should be about 1 to 2 cm between each plant. But the distance between each row is 1 to 4 cm.

The best time to reproduce this plant is from late March to early May. Of course, it is also possible to plant peanuts in the pot and use raw seed and whenever you want to plant the crop use ra seed because it still has skin.


The simplest way to buy peanuts and know peanuts prices is just that you do a small search in the cyberspace to see the producers and sellers advertising. But in this case you have to pay attention that all buyers are not buyers. Because some of them are just ready to abuse people in different ways. So be careful. J

Last word

Food is one of those things that its producing should not be stopped at all. Because everybody’s body needs nutrients in order to have power and energy, including peanuts. For this reason, export and import have become very common in every country. To prepare and use peanuts, first you need to consider its quality…

In this article everything was told about the exporting peanuts to European countries by Iran, Chinese peanuts and everything which is related to exporting. We hope that you enjoy by reading this article.

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