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If you would like to experience buying peanut seeds or need a higher-quality peanut seed with a much higher productivity as well as greater resistance to pests, be sure to use this quality seed. If you need more information on this, just contact our consultants. Some of the most important factors that can make peanut cultivation more economical and profitable for farmers are some of the less appropriate ones.

Peanut seeds in the country are divided into the following main groups:

  • Indoor peanut seeds
  • Land of Astana
  • Seeds of almond moghan
  • Seeds of almond plain
  • Varieties of external seeds
  • Turkish almond seeds

As you can see, there are different seeds in our country. In order to be able to buy a good quality seed, we need to contact various consultants.

foreign peanuts
foreign peanuts

Prices of varieties of peanut seeds

It may be difficult to update the price of peanut seeds because the prices of these crops fluctuate greatly and are offered at different prices in different seasons of the year. If you would like to know the price of different peanut seeds a day just contact us.

Buy Moghani Seeds

As mentioned above, almond seed in Moghan plain is one of the domestic production of very good quality and is used for cultivation in different regions. If you would like to purchase this quality item, just contact us. But here, by supplying a variety of domestic and foreign seeds, we can meet the needs of farmers for cultivation.

Prices of peanuts in China

The price of peanuts in China and Iran is very different. Foreign peanuts, especially Chinese peanuts, have been affecting our domestic nuts market for many years, and have affected Astana Ashrafieh’s sale of peanuts as an Iranian quality almond. If you want to know more about peanuts, just contact us.

Chinese and Iranian peanuts

Given that peanut consumption in our country has been increasing in recent years but production of this product has not increased significantly, the market need has shifted to include importing foreign peanuts. However, the price of Iranian peanuts is also much higher than its foreign counterparts, so it cannot compete with these cheap almonds. But not only the difference between Chinese and Iranian peanuts is not the price of these products, but the varied qualities of both peanuts satisfy the customers to buy each. To buy the best peanuts for your business you can buy and buy quality almonds at a reasonable price.

peanut seeds

Foreign peanuts generally have industrial uses and their customers use these almonds to produce their products efficiently and economically.

Types of foreign peanuts

Different types of foreign peanuts from different countries enter the Iranian market, so you can see in our domestic market all kinds of peanuts from neighboring countries, especially the countries producing peanuts. These peanuts include the following.

  • Indian peanuts
  • Egyptian peanuts
  • Sudanese peanuts
  • Iraqi peanuts

Major consumption of Chinese peanuts in Iran

In our country peanuts are used in many industries. Peanuts for industrial use must have suitable properties to be suitable for producers. Appropriate market availability of almonds

Prices of peanuts

On the other hand, it can determine the consumption of peanuts in each occupation or the production of each product to further the consumer’s need for different almonds. For example, a nut producer would have to use a first grade Ashrafie peanut to produce a quality nutmeg, or a peanut producer could produce a variety of options for producing a grade peanut. Like coarse Chinese or Turkish peanuts or Iranian coarse almonds. With these interpretations, consuming different almonds in every different job can help manufacturers a lot. In this regard, we will tell you about the different uses of almonds.

  • Use as a dehydrator
  • Used in the production of confectionery
  • Used to produce peanut oil
  • Production of peanut butter
  • Production of various almond products in coated form

Why is Chinese Peanuts so Consumer?

One of the very strong and important reasons for the high use of peanuts in the industry is the good price and the good appearance of this product. Chinese peanuts can meet the needs of different producers to supply a peanut in all seasons, so large producers such as Mezmos and Cheese and other producers use foreign peanuts to produce their products. Today, many peanuts products use foreign peanuts and are therefore very important among the major customers for the use and consumption of peanuts.

Online shopping for Iranian and foreign peanuts

You have different ways to buy peanuts better and you can use these methods upon request. The following are common methods of buying peanuts or any kind of supplies

peanut seeds


  • online shopping
  • Buy in person
  • Purchase with Usta
  • direct purchase

In these ways, as you can see, this is probably the best way to buy peanuts as an example and to sample this product online. This way you can easily and cheaply buy cheap Iranian and foreign peanuts and get the best peanuts as soon as possible. Sparood Co. is one of the manufacturers as well as suppliers of Iranian and foreign peanuts and can supply your needs with this variety of peanuts.

Price difference of peanuts in China with Iranian peanuts

As peanut shoppers know, Iranian peanuts are very different from foreign peanuts. That’s why the use of these products is very different. Simply consult with our consultants to keep you up-to-date on these products and to keep your peanut prices up-to-date.

Stay tuned so that we can provide you with the latest prices and prices of Iranian and foreign peanut products. But the prices of domestic and foreign peanuts vary greatly in production and consumption. Below we will present the prices of Iranian and foreign peanuts available in late summer.

Wholesale of Iranian and foreign raw peanuts

By producing as well as supplying a variety of peanuts indoors and outdoors, Sparood can meet the needs of many major peanut customers for a high quality, affordable product. Therefore, esteemed customers just get in touch with us to buy and buy the best peanuts they use to find out the day’s prices of peanuts and then buy and buy the best peanuts they can use. You can also use our free advice to buy better and more affordable products so you can improve your product. To find out more about the terms and conditions of our warehouse, just contact our consultants and supporters.

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