indian peanuts – Exporting And Importing peanuts

indian peanuts – Exporting And Importing peanuts

Peanuts are among the snacks that people of all ages love. Peanuts are consumed in various ways in all countries, but it is not possible to be grown them all over the globe, which is why the producer countries are exporting these products annually. For example, exporting peanuts to Turkey is a vital economic activity.

Direct supply of peanuts

There are many producers who are working in the field of peanuts. Due to the wide production of this dry goods, there are various ways to market, sell and buy this product in different countries. The main ways to sell peanuts are:

  • Supplying of peanuts directly from manufacturers and producers
  • Peanut shops in various forms
  • Bulk sale of peanuts
  • Purchase packaging products from downtown retailers
  • Wholesale product sales web-sites or programs
  • And …

Despite the above ways to buy peanuts, it is not difficult for the wholesalers or consumers to buy or consume this product. Just in order to customer’s situation, they can choose one of the ways to shop.


We should know that there are differences between the above options for buying. For example, direct selling, in other words, direct peanut sales, is appropriate for peanut shoppers who want to make a major purchase, and purchasing products from sales centers is appropriate for those who want to compare different products with each other. As a result, it is recommended that you complete your information on how to purchase peanuts before everything.indian peanuts

Top exporters of peanuts to Turkey

Turkey is one of the countries with high consumption of peanuts, which increases the import of peanuts to this country. Increasing Iranian peanut exports to Turkey contributes greatly to Iran’s economic and industrial boom. As a result, many companies are trying to make it an exportable product by increasing the quality of peanuts and have a major contribution in exporting peanuts.

In Iran, peanuts are widely produced and cultivated in warm regions. Therefore, in addition to domestic demand, major peanut exports are also being transferred to Turkey to meet a percentage of foreign market demand. There are many brands of this dried fruit that you have to know top exporters from dealers to see which one have a better quality.

Peanuts are exported from Iran to other different countries each year, which has benefits for the country. The goal and aim of the export centers of this product, mean peanut, is to sell more than every time and make their brand more famous.


So, if they see their brand getting famous and the peanuts and its related production are sold well, they usually have more productivity, and that will boost the economy of the community more than before.


With Iranian pleasant peanuts taste which have, those peanuts are bought by many buyers and consumers. Also its unique properties make it popular among other dried fruits. That can be a logical reason that peanuts exports are grown in Iran every year especially in Turkey.

indian peanuts

High Quality Peanuts Buyers

Buyers of high quality peanuts in different countries are not a specific group of people. Because many people are interested in eating peanuts or its related products. As such, manufacturers and sellers of these products are always striving to deliver high quality products at affordable prices to consumers, ensuring that all applicants can enjoy the remarkable health benefits of peanuts in their lives.

Direct Sales of Peanuts

Brokerage is one of the most cost-effective ways for wholesalers and retailers to buy peanuts. Because in this type of purchase, as the name is shown, the lack of sales brokers will reduce sales profits and causes that peanuts prices get low.

Because direct sales of peanuts are done by manufacturers and producers, buyers can be confident of that all peanuts are fresh and enjoy the quality and properties of the purchased peanuts.

Buying Different Peanuts in Iran

Peanuts are one of the most popular nuts in Iran because of their reasonable prices and unique properties. Buying peanuts in Iran is done in two different ways which they are bulk and packaged. Important factors that influence the purchase price of peanuts in Iran are below options:

  • freshness of peanuts
  • Being coarse peanuts
  • Being empty of peanuts
  • Peanuts with skin
  • Peanuts without skin

Buying peanuts in Iran depends on its type. Different types of peanuts include:


  • Raw peanuts
  • Salted peanuts
  • Peanut pods
  • Peanuts without skin
  • Peanuts with skin

Each of these types is purchased according to the buyer’s taste and peanut properties. Some companies buy these products for packaging and flavoring. The most popular type of peanuts is raw peanuts, which is mainly used for nuts in addition to oiling and is sold in bulk.

Peanuts are offered by different companies with different packages and flavors. The price of these packages depends on the size of the packaging and the taste of different peanuts. Packaged peanuts can be found in any city and stores. These kind of peanut can be purchased by supermarkets, chain stores, resellers, peanuts online shop and in food and beverage markets.

Direct supply of peanuts in Iran is done by gardeners. By direct supplying peanuts to factories or consumers, they can prevent price from increasing.

indian peanuts

This product is cultivated in different cities of the Iran country. Astan Ashrafieh city in the north of iran is among the most high quality peanuts which are produced in Iran. Astana Ashrafieh’s peanut is sold by various websites that are created to distribute peanuts to the public. People can refer to these websites for knowing the prices and after that choose one of them to consume. After rice, peanuts are the most important agricultural produce in the city.

In order to buy peanuts in bulk with lower prices, you can go to direct supply of peanuts centers. If you want to compare the different prices with each other, you can go to different markets. Direct supply of peanuts can be done by markets and sales agents.

Peanut dealers exist in different parts of the country that offer the customer different peanuts from the cheapest peanuts to the most expensive and high quality peanuts. Agencies are one of the places that  you can buy peanuts in bulk and with direct sellers peanuts.

indian peanuts

Peanuts in India

Selling Indian peanuts as one of the best foreign varieties of this product in the different markets is in high prosperity. Peanut is one of the most important imported product, although it has many properties and is not widely cultivated in Iran and other country. In spite of the fact that the peanut cultivated in India is very high quality, it definitely has many customers in all over the world. This product is available for sale in different markets and stores and can be sold in bulk. Because Indian peanuts are in high quality, the price of them is also more than other peanuts.

Raw or salty peanuts in India are offered as one of the best nuts in the mall. This type of foreign peanut, which have high quality, is imported by many companies in Iran and other countries. The biggest importers of this product are trying to buy and deliver the largest of its kind in order to attract customers’ attention. Note that these companies, which import and sell Indian peanuts in various kinds, first buy Indian peanuts in bulk from Indian exporters. Then, in these companies, the delicious nuts are packaged with the help of sophisticated machines. Now that the process is over, customers and consumers can buy the best quality packaged Indian peanuts.

indian peanuts

Although peanuts are a rich source of protein and have many other properties, they are naturally popular among consumers and customers. Now you need to know that foreign peanuts are available in a variety of ways, including Indian peanuts can be found in all sales centers around the world. Be careful if you want to get the best kind of foreign peanut you need to go to well-known and famous centers. These dealers sell peanuts and foreign almonds in a very high quality. Keep in mind that one of the most important things in maintaining the quality of these almonds is their storage conditions in houses or stores. In these dealers, peanuts should be kept free out of moisture and heat, too and are packaged in the best possible way. With these interpretations, the peanuts offered in these markets in a high quality.


The price of Indian peanuts changes like every other product every day. Now you need to know that Indian peanuts are naturally more expensive than other types of dry goods because of their high quality. Keep in mind that buying these nuts in a directly way is the only way to reduce the price. However, you need to know that you can buy Indian peanuts in mentioned way through active agents in different countries. On the other hand, be aware that there is also a price list for peanuts such as peanuts which are grown in India.

indian peanuts

Major buyers who want to buy Indian peanuts in bulk with skin can buy this product from its supply centers. In these centers the product is offered directly and you can buy it in bulk. You need to know that the quality of this kind of peanuts with skin in these centers is very high. So that after buying the product, the customers will eat this tasty and delicious nut. Peanuts with skins are also offered in these centers in different ways. This is possible if customers want to buy raw or peanut type.



Price of Indian peanuts can be obtained from retailers in the largest wholesale nuts market in your country. These sellers set the price of Indian peanuts depending on the quality and make them available to the consumer and buyer in the form of a price list so that everyone can customize any type of Indian peanut according to their budget and consumption preferences.


Indian peanuts are one of the most popular and also the most expensive nutmeg in Iran which is nowadays a major base for Norouze nuts and so on.


In various cities where there is the largest wholesale market for dried nuts and sellers of nuts in these markets responding to customer needs, Indian peanuts can be purchased with varying levels of quality.


The sales of Indian peanuts in Iran are in below ways:

  • Direct
  • Indirect

You may find it interesting, but nowadays, although people are able to experience more secure shopping in a direct way, they tend to save money and time more by online shopping and you can do your purchase through the largest online retailer sites that as we mentioned this method can be so helpful for every customers and consumers of Indian peanuts.


Wherever you are in the city, it will be possible for you to purchase on line easily in an indirect and save your time more than every time.


Indian peanuts are sold in your country at various prices. Indian peanut quality is the first and foremost thing that affects its selling price. The other things are:

  • Size of peanut seeds
  • Peanut’s taste
  • Peanut aroma
  • Type of supply (roasted or raw)
  • The amount of oil and fat

And things like that are all parameters that determine the quality of Indian peanuts. For example, Indian peanuts that are large in size, fatty and marketed as roasted are more expensive than other types.


Access to the peanut price list is a main factors for a successful purchase. So first try to find out the prices.


In Iran, Indian peanuts are not produced and all the products are sold in the Indian peanut market are imported.

Major Indian peanuts are sold in the country by several centers as mentioned below:

  • Those companies that produce and prepare Indian peanuts. (Direct sellers)
  • Nuts and dry goods sales centers where are working in all cities. (Retailers)
  • Representing brands that produce peanut wrap in the market and offer it in different weights. (Sales agents)

If the price is important for you and you want to buy cheap but high quality peanuts, choose the direct sellers.

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