popular commodity

popular commodity

Peanuts a popular commodity


 Peanut stems

Perennial or pistachio (also peanut or ground pistachio) is the name of a plant and a fruit with the scientific name Arachis hypogaea. It is native to South America and has been taken to various parts of the world. The bush is a one-year-old shrub 2 to 5 cm high. Native Brazilian peanuts. The warm climate is suitable for planting this plant. Peanuts have a straight stem. Its leaves are composed of two pairs of leaves, the flowers of which are yellow in color, which, when inoculated, bends the flower’s tail and reaches the surface of the soil, and then in the fallen soil, the fruit develops in the soil.



Peanuts are useful for strengthening the lungs and spleen and raise good cholesterol in the blood. This high nut eliminates stomach pain and is used as a breast softener. The popularity of peanuts in East Asian countries is not limited to serving breakfast just as its products. With the surge of medical knowledge among the general public in the area and awareness of the various food properties,

Peanuts a popular commodity
Peanuts a popular commodity





The demand for its use is increasing day by day. Increasing demand in the East Asian market has made peanuts a significant trade in our country with countries in the region, with countries such as China seeking to profit from this trade. Purchasing it because of the popularity of this product among the people of our country is also good.

Iran peanut exports

popular commodity

Many investors in the European countries are making a good profit by ordering Iranian peanuts.

European countries such as Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, and the Scandinavian countries are Iranian almond buyers who trade almonds in these countries.

Most peanut exporters in the country are food factories that export almonds in different packaging and qualities. But sometimes farmers and producers in the country export both this product individually and in bulk and also without special packaging.

popular commodity
popular commodity

Current situation of peanut


A former member of the board of directors of the Guilds Chamber of Tehran says: “Each kilo of pistachios costs 2 thousand tomans, almonds for 2 thousand tomans, almonds in kilograms for 2 thousand tomans and walnuts are also offered to the population from 2 to 6 thousand tomans.”


A former member of the board of directors of the Tehran Guilds Chamber, in response to the question what is the state of the nuts and nuts market? “The dried market is also affected by the Corona virus, and the situation in this class is not very pleasant,” he told Business News. Although the nuts and nuts industry was different from previous years, the pistachio price declined, but the virus caused a decline in demand for Eid nuts.

popular commodity


Current situation of peanut in India


International Scenario of Groundnuts


Not much new regarding peanuts since the beginning of the year, except of course the Chinese coronavirus. Let us wish that the problem will go away as fast as it appeared.


The US sellers will not only have a difficult year dealing with their Southeast crop problems, but they will also take a big financial hit dealing with it.

popular commodity

The International market seems to be struggling with lack of goods for the first half. Buyers are unsure what to do going forward with the sudden rise in prices both in the US and International markets.


According to USDA tonnage report, till date the 2019 crop stands at 27, 49,298 tons. Quality is the big story of this crop as you all know.


Dec 19 vs. Dec 18: USA exported 48,232 tons vs. 28,407 tons, an increase of 69.79%. The EU28 was down 38.21%, but most other markets were up with Canada up 3.04%, Mexico up 50.68%, and shipments to China/Vietnam were up by 18,245 tons.



The Argentine new crop is doing well after the initial drought. Temperatures have been fairly high and rains have fallen. The current crop supply seems to have been depleted with only very few offers for small quantities available. Prices have gone up consequently with prices around US$ 1700/1750 – CFR Rotterdam for Blanched Wholes.




The Brazilian crop is doing well by all accounts. Prices for new crop have gone much higher this past month, with prices at the US$ 1650/1670 CFR Rotterdam range for Blanched Wholes.




China is in the middle of their New Year celebration and what a New Year it has been with the outbreak of the Coronavirus. It is unknown at this time what the impact to the domestic peanut demand will be. This could be a bearish sign. It is also unknown if there will be an impact on the supply side as well with the logistics constraints that China is facing at this moment. At the end of the day, the question is how long will this outbreak continue and what will the impact be on the demand.




The Senegalese government announced on January 27, 2020 that exports of peanuts were banned after 1, 56,000 tons were exported, with the majority most probably to China. This measure was taken to ensure sufficient supply for seeds to the supply to oil crushers.


The export of Groundnut oil during April-December, 2019 was 23,361 tons with a value of Rs.235.61 crores in comparison to 17,057 tons during full year 2018-19 with a value of Rs. 142.68 crores.


According to market sources, prices of groundnut oil has crossed Rs 2,000 per tin on Friday following hike of over Rs 50 after the curbs on import of refined palm oil. Price of cottonseed oil witnessed bigger spike as the price of the commodity jumped up to Rs 60 during the period and as a result, cottonseed oil crossed barrier of Rs 1,500 per tin Oil millers in Gujarat are bullish over government’s decision in anticipation of increase in demand of local oils in domestic markets.


Against the last year groundnut yield of 18 lakh tonne in Gujarat, more than 32 lakh tonne of groundnut yield is being estimated during the current season.

Production of groundnut oil would also increase from 3.75 lakh tonne to over 5 lakh tonne.

GroundnutBasis FOB Price per MT

(January 2020)

50/60 JavaMundra1200-1250
60/70 JavaMundra1175-1225
80/90  JavaMundra1050-1100
40/ 50 BoldMundra1025-1075
50/60 BoldMundra1000-1050
60/70 BoldMundra975-1025
50/60 JavaChennai1200-1250
60/70 JavaChennai1175-1225
80/90 JavaChennai1075-1125


popular commodity


EUROPE peanut consume

In Europe, about 550,000 tonnes of groundnuts are consumed each year. Most groundnuts find their way into Europe through the Netherlands. Imports continue to grow. Specific market opportunities can be found in the growing markets of Central Europe and Eastern Europe. Food safety certification supported with frequent laboratory tests and joined with corporate social responsibility (CSR) standards can additionally provide a great advantage for suppliers to European markets.

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